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New year, new season and new website

Welcome! It is with joy that we open our new website, which should be easier for us to administrate and give our stars the much needed and wanted attention than ever before.

Here we will give you exclusive access to the words of our players in CS:GO who right now are ready for a new season of Teligaligaen and have already started their rise in ESEA from Open division. All relevant news about the team you should always find here first. We're also going to become a lot more verbal than we've been in the past, so that our views and values will be easier for you to understand, coming from our history with our perserverance in the community it is important for us that our followers understand our point of view and why we take the choices we do. It should be easy for you as a fan or interested party to navigate and understand what we are currently doing and what we plan to do. We encourage you to take contact if you can contribute to our team.

A lot has happened since the last time we communicated with the public. Let us summarise the latest events in our first post on the new website. To kick it all off, we're sad to open up with the fact that our partnership with Logitech has ended. This leaves the club currently with zero financial aid from commercial sponsorships. Two of the board members, Truls Jensen and Høgni Sævarang, have accepted and been appointed to alter this and are currently working to get good stable partners onboard. Our goal is to go from a budget where we only subsidise and support our teams with costs, to be able to compete with the top level of Norwegian esports. Lions has always had and will always have long term plans. We do not want short time focused investments with short term requirements and goals. That's why it is important and natural for us to keep a Norwegian core, to keep long term goals of developing players. We look forward to find the right local and international partners who share our values and longterm commitments.

We also make a substantial change from having a multi esport focus to going back to where our core knowledge and passion lies, Counter-Strike. The administration has several years of experience developing, supporting and winning with Counter-Strike and we can use this experience more specificly when we now turn our focus back to solely supporting Counter-Strike. What is left is a more agile, fast and focused Oslo Lions, which we hope that you will bear witness to in the season ahead. Put bluntly, we're aiming to be the best in Norway again.

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